Manage all Telco circuits and circuit contracts with Nectus CircuitDB


We are proud to announce that our next Nectus release will include the most powerful and feature rich telco circuit management platform available on the market today.

Nectus CircuitDB provides a central repository of all of your circuit contracts and provide reminders well before contract expiration times so you can renegotiate better prices with your telco provider.

Circuit DB is fully integrated with Nectus Network Discovery and Monitoring module which allows you to map Circuit ID directly to specific router interface and get real time visibility of  circuit UP/DOWN status.

Nectus can send email alerts directly to telco support in case of specific circuit is Down or automatically open support cases on telco portals ( with selected number of telco providers).

Nectus CircuitDB can calculate circuit UP time based on Monitoring statistics provided by core Nectus NMS to verify contracted SLAs.

Combined with automatic Network Topology generation that shows where specific circuit is located Nectus CircuitDB is a core tool for all network engineers and procurement experts.

CircuitDB functionality added to Nectus NMS

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CircuitDB gives ability to track of all the telco circuits (Internet, MPLS, T1 etc), carrier contracts, cabinet/rack/patch panel information.

Support for configurable email alerts on approaching circuit contract renewal dates, integration with real time circuit monitoring.

Never pay for circuits that not being used and  many more cool features.



Nectus Feature List ( Build 1.2.16)


Here is the most complete list of features available for Nectus customers

Network Monitoring ICMP, SNMP v2c and v3
Network Discovery1200+ platforms
Netflow CollectorSupport for v5, v9, IPFIX Netflow
Command ScriptingAutomate Config changes to routers and switches
Configuration BackupConfiguration backup for routers and switches
Basic Server MonitoringSNMP and WMI
SQL Server Monitorng50+ SQL related metrics
Network Topology VisualizationAutomatic L2 and L3 topology generation
Syslog Server Store unlimited number of Syslog messages
SNMP TrapsProcess incoming SNMP traps
GSM based alertingReceive Alert notifications directly to your cell phone
Email based alertingReceive Alert notifications directly to email
URL MonitoringMonitor UP/DOWN and latency for any URL
Configuration DiffsEasily find differences in configs before and after the change
L3 Traffic Path VisualizationSee how packet travels from A to B
MAC Address searchEasily find MAC address in your network
Web based SNMP Walk Utility
Web based Ping plotter Up to 10 IP Addresses
Web based SSH clientSSH to any device from your browser
LDAP Integration
Custom Dashboards
SmartNet verification for any device
Multiple SNMP profilesSupport for different SNMP parameters



Free Nectus license for Cisco Academy Students

We offer free Nectus license to all Students of Cisco Network Academies. All Features Enabled.

Restricted to max 20 devices.

Contact us at to get your personal licence key.



CST signs partner agreement with Cisco Learning Academy to provide Network Visualization and Discovery tools

CST signs partner agreement with Cisco Learning Academy to provide

Network Visualization and Discovery tools to be used in training classes.