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Syslog server functionality in Nectus NMS

This post will cover the SysLog server functionality of  Nectus network monitoring software. As with any modern network monitoring software Nectus has the ability to receive and store the syslog messages from routers, switches or servers. Syslog messages can be accessed from Top menu “Logs”:

Building Dynamic Interactive Network Diagrams

This post will cover how Nectus can dynamically build topologies and how you can check various performance statistics. Nectus gives the possibility to build automatically L2 and L3 topologies based on the discovered devices. Additionally, it allows the administrator to create custom topologies by dragging on the map the devices that are required to be […]

Configuration Backup and Change Tracking in Nectus

This post will cover the configuration backup and change tracking features available in Nectus. Nectus provides the ability to back up the configuration of the devices discovered, on a scheduled basis and manually. Nectus comes with some default settings regarding the configuration backup and for others administrator input is required. This is the configuration backup […]