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Which US city uses the most IPv4 public addresses?

Note: Information is based on IP geo-location service State City IPv4 Addresses Ohio Columbus 225326103 California Los Angeles 54776440 Arizona Fort Huachuca 54644594 Texas Houston 42689210 District of Columbia Washington 32721834 New York New York City 31867103 Virginia Ashburn 31828300 Indiana Indianapolis 26421929 Georgia Atlanta 25527566 California Palo Alto 25105708 Washington Redmond 24885468 Michigan Dearborn […]

Meltdown and Spectre bugs in simple words.

Meltdown and Spectre bugs in simple words. All modern processors have very important feature called “Speculative Execution” where CPU tries to predict all possible operations that might be required to be executed next and actually executing those without knowing for sure which one will be the next. Those guesses are called Speculative Branches. By the […]

Will SDN kill CLI?

Trust me. CLI is not going anywhere. CLI is the only way to troubleshoot SDN. There will be plenty of new CLI commands to “show” flow tables logic, operation and debug communications between data plane and controller. I would say importance of CLI is even greater in SDN as you now has to observe operation […]

Monitoring of OpenFlow SDN networks

So.. you upgraded your network from legacy dedicated hardware to OpenFlow based SDN, laid off all of your network engineers who know CLI and ask yourself a question: How do I monitor my SDN now? How do I pull a power supply status or CPU temperature? How to read TCAM utilization level? How to see an […]

3-Click Rule

Nectus beats Solarwinds in pretty much any aspect: Speed, Usability, Size, Installation Time, Support. We optimize every little function or procedure to perfection and re-write it with Assembler language if it is not good enough. We develop custom stress-testing tools  (such as Netflow Generator ) so we can push the Nectus KPI limits higher. Our […]

SNMP v2 Loopholes

On every Nectus installation that we conducted I noticed that on average each company has around 10% of network devices that are configured with well-known snmp v2 community strings: public/private. This is as bad as using “cisco/cisco” as your SSH credentials. That is major security loophole as even read-only string “public” gives possible attacker complete view […]

Selecting fastest Database Engine for Netflow Storage

Well, if you are reading this article you probably know what NetFlow is and how much data it can generate. 100GB of NetFlow records per day is not something totally unusual in NetFlow business. We tried most of the commercial and open-source existing database engines like Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, PostegreSQL, MySQL or even Oracle […]

Proactive vs Reactive network monitoring with Nectus

Most of the enterprise grade monitoring tools allow predefined thresholds to be set for specific monitoring parameters such as interface utilization, RAM utilization or percentage of free TCAM available on switches. When a specific metric exceeds a predefined threshold you will receive an email alert, text message, or… a phone call from your manager.  Likely […]

Best practices for router interface description format

Implementing company-wide standards for interface description strings in routers or switches should be a top priority for all network engineers. Well defined and structured description strings helps with automation for the most tedious and boring manual steps associated with deployment, configuration, monitoring and decommission of any network connections. Network interface descriptions should include some of […]


Manage all Telco circuits and circuit contracts with Nectus CircuitDB

We are proud to announce that our next Nectus release will include the most powerful and feature rich telco circuit management platform available on the market today. Nectus CircuitDB provides a central repository of all of your circuit contracts and provide reminders well before contract expiration times so you can renegotiate better prices with your telco […]